What is Listology?

The short answer to the question above is this: Listology is a repository of movie, book, music, television and other lists.

Creating lists couldn't be easier; you just create an ID, write up your list, and hit "Save."
If you're just here to browse, have a look at the recent activity on the site, or use the box to the left to search for your favorite movie (or book, etc.). If you're having a hard time getting started, here's some Favorite Movie By Genre lists.

19 years of IMDB Top 250

IMDB, the International Movie DataBase, is a resource many of us use to find information about the films and television shows we watch. One resource IMDB makes available is a list of their top 250 titles. Defining the development of the list, IMDB says, "Top 250 movies as voted by our users. For this top 250, only votes from regular voters are considered." This means that as ratings are recorded, the list changes.

Lists of Note


For people who like to make lists, amongst others, Lists of Note is an excellent read.

10^2 Years of Scientific American


100 years worth of Scientific American are now online.

Listology Spam Brigade


So the spam situation here has gotten pretty bad, as many of you have perhaps noticed. The service I use (Mollom) helps a lot but not completely, and I am trying to avoid adding CAPTCHA to all submissions because I know a lot of people find it irritating. I don't think it would help much anyways, a lot of the spam these days is actually done by real human beings who get paid pennies per comment posted on websites with decent Google rankings. A while ago I deputized AJDaGreat to help as spam cop, giving him the ability to delete spam comments and block spammers. However he has been busy lately and is about to go into law school, therefore I am looking for some volunteers to help out. If you are an active Listology member in good standing and would like to help killing spam, leave a comment and I will get in touch.